Miss Flexing Your Best Office Outfits?

You are not alone.

When it all started, it hit us right at the sweet spot. The introverts gladly isolated, those dreading the commute saw calm in working without the pre-hustle, those with kids finally saw them grow in broad daylight.

Once considered a home office perk, the all-day PJ privilege is quickly losing its charm. Sure you’d have worn that sweatshirt three days in a row, or gone commando because why not. At least those who saw joy in selecting the office outfit are bound to suffer from the bummer of being caged in the comfort they no longer long for.

Just like communication, dressing up is a way of expression and one that plays an important part in the corporate work culture. Not only for others to judge but to channel the confidence of the carrier to take on that important meeting or crack that insane deal.

It all started hunky dory. Especially because we worked worriless of the sweat stains ruining our best formal wear in the scorching heat. We ate and slept while being mute on that zoom call that could have been an email. Can the leg up, lie down, “Am I audible?” fun-sounding work from home moment weigh in the coffee machine banter between presentations and reports?

It’s one thing to find joy in dressing up for work, it’s another to identify oneself by the expression of flexing season-specific outfits. We have officially entered the balmy seasons, which calls for layers, warmth and of course, style.

If you were emotionally ready to throw in those boots with your pant suit this December, chances are you are the fashionable guy in your office. Office fashion is beyond what people refer to as a waste of time. Apart from building confidence, the act of taking conscious effort to look presentable with a side of style, is what sets the tone of our day.

If it was the old normal, this piece would have been on ‘How to upcycle your winter wear at work and slay effortlessly’. But we are in a new normal, the time when our turtlenecks are collecting dust and our sweatpants being worn on loop.

Ending this article whilst looking down at my faded jammies that really need a break.

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