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Inside the head of an unsuccessful person

Success is not defined by the amount of money someone earns or how high someone’s title sits on an organization’s hierarchy. Instead, success is quantified by the outcome one desires. With that established, there’s a commonality in the way most unsuccessful people think. Let’s dive into the head of an unsuccessful person to understand these thoughts and beliefs. If you find yourself doing (or thinking) any of these, do not get offended. Work on it, maybe?

They believe in deficit over diversity

What is the right way to approach those who are far from typical? It is human to spot the difference, especially when we see an attribute that is not normal. The way we react to the person, it is a reflection of how we think in general. A lot of us have not only witnessed discrimination, but have also been the victim of being looked down upon and this could be for the way we talk or carry ourselves, could also be how we live. Does this mean, those bullies in school are not successful because of how they treated others? Studies have shown that a mindset that resists inclusivity is one that is home to insecurities.

We may not know it but there are a lot of mind demons that actually block us from being successful. Among a long list of mind demons, insecurity is one of the tighter blocks that walls between you and success. Those who find it difficult to think of everyone as equal while acknowledging their diversity are usually unsuccessful. Their minds shun opportunities that are not tailored conventionally. Without them even knowing, they have denied the gift they’ve lived longing for.

They long for accidental success

Law of attraction is many times misunderstood. If you sleep with the intention to wake up to be a millionaire without putting in the work, it means you long for accidental success. What LOA actually teaches is that intention backed with the work towards making something happen, keeping at bay all of the negative emotions like envy, betrayal is the right way to manifest the life you most desire.

Those who long for accidentally achieving fortune and fame are not only disappointed all of the time when they don’t, but also ooze an unpleasant vibe. Their belief in a sudden windfall is a reflection of their self doubt, another mental block keeping them from a life of abundance.

They loathe change

Like living species, situations and the surrounding we exist in undergoes a constant evolution. This is not only a natural phenomenon but also a blissful transition to the unknown. With all changes, comes adjustment. To do that, we first accept the change, understand and figure out all the nuances before we adapt to it. This process applies to everything, be it worldly environmental changes, the way of life changes after a big invention and so on. The most important one is what the world is living right now, the new normal way of living during the global pandemic.

We all are creatures of familiarity and transition is always emotional, to some more than others. Acceptance is the first step before anything becomes a part of our lives. People who loathe change have more than what’s called being a creature of familiarity. They reject the uncertainty of the outcome and let the fear of impermanence feed on their mental wellbeing. This lowers their vibration and unknowingly they block success out of their lives. While our reactions to change may be influenced by our upbringing and those in our circle, but a want to build a character that is free of consuming thoughts and beliefs is the one that’s cut out for success.

They are content

You must be not expecting this one. We hear life coaches and law of attraction mentors talk about how we feel is very important and only those with a positive outlook can achieve what they truly desire. So the feeling of ‘content’ should come under the list of positive ones right? Being content is usually misunderstood with staying put in a comfort zone, which may not be a pleasant one. For example, if you desire a luxurious life, but you get comfortable in a life of mediocrity, it is your comfort zone. This zone fools you into believing that you’re grateful, while all you’re doing is procrastinating ‘the work’ that could unfold the life of your dreams.

The feeling of being grateful and then focusing all energies towards making happen more that you could be grateful for, will make sure that you do not settle for less. Being content with everything doesn’t always mean that people are happy, it means they regret not getting what they want and succumb to their comfort zone.

They judge others by their achievements

It is human to judge others, but it is greatness to not. We have often witnessed people respecting those with higher designations, a bigger car, a big house. However, the same folks would not even care to look at someone with a lower net worth, forget indulging in a conversation. Helping those in need has become an activity to add those brownie points so people are not damned. Very few are actually compassionate towards all and treat everyone equally.

Again, the fact that we judge people by the size of their possessions or how they life looks on Instagram, has a lot to do with how we are conditioned. However, it is very important to build one’s own values than to mimic that of others. It is easy to judge and shun away those who seem like they are good for nothing. Believe it or not, it is easier to be the same with everyone.

People who judge too much are usually the victims of other negative emotions that follow, like envy. This makes for a bigger mental block which also leads to insecurities and unhappiness.

They’re low or no risk takers

Most success stories have one thing in common; all of them have taken the risk. It takes courage to not just believe in your dream but to action it too. Leap of faith is a whole new ball game that can cause spine chills. Those who have the courage to step into the unknown, is a character that’s cut out for success.

Fear and anxiety is normal. Even the most successful person on the planet had jitters before they actually took the leap. However, miracles happen to those who actually do it without giving up. For some, overcoming this fear is far easier, because their goal is bigger than their fear. This may not be true for a lot of unsuccessful people. They play safe and are not willing to even think of risking anything remotely valuable.

On the surface level, it may appear completely functional. They smile, they frown, they greet, and they get appreciated. Deep down there are layers of fear and doubt, keeping them away from being successful. It is important to know what’s inside the head of unsuccessful people so we can build ourselves ready to go get our next goal!

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